JX 310 digital printing commercial grade

JX 310, A commercial grade product with a flexible vinyl face film for use on vehicle graphics and other commercial applications. Perfect for vehicle graphics and other commercial signing applications. Durability of up to 2-years. Printable on most digital and ink jet printers.

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 131 × 24 × 24 cm



1.22X45.7M, Customized


2 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years


Temporary Signing, Construction Workzone, Advertising Graphics, Promotional Signing

Details about JX 310 digital printing commercial grade

Product Overview

JX310 Commercial Grade sheeting is a flexible, enclosed lens retroreflective sheeting intended for use on applications requiring both product flexibility and durability of up to 2-years. Perfect for vehicle markings or advertising graphics. JX310 is conformable over smooth ridges and curves. It exhibits a very good bond to the most common substrates including painted steel and aluminum.

Key Features

Similar daytime and nighttime appearance Retains retroreflectivity when wet Conformable around smooth curves Digitally printable and screen printable witha variety of ink systems

Color Availability

Product Code Color 310-00 White 310-01 Yellow 310-02 Red 310-05 Blue 310-07 Green Other colors available upon request.


Typical Coefficient of Retroreflection at 0.2° Observation Angle / -4° Entrance Angle. Color RA (cd/lx/m2) White 30 Yellow 25 Red 5 Blue 3 Green 6

Physical Characteristics & Properties

  • Durability: Up to 2-years, when properly converted and installed in vertical position
  • Retroreflective Elements: Glass beads (Enclosed lens)
  • Film Thickness: 200μm (approximately 8.0 mils)(excluding release liner)
  • Face Film: Polymeric Vinyl
  • Adhesive: 50μm (2 mils) Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Release Liner: Poly-coated paper liner
  • Application Surface: Painted metals. Can be appliedover gentle curves. Do not usewet application method. Notrecommended for unpainted stainless steel.
  • ApplicationTemperature: 15°C (60°F) minimum
  • In Use Temperature Range: -20° to 70°C (-4° to 160°F)

Application & Conversion

JX310 Reflective Vinyl Commercial Grade can printed with a wide variety of ink systems, including solvent-based screen inks, UV inks, and many digital printers. Compatibility and adhesion characteristics of an ink should always be tested through a test print. To maintain high levels of retroreflection, transparent inks should be utilized. Sheeting should be conditioned above 15°C (65°F) for at least 24-hours prior to printing, lamination, or application.

If over-laminating to protect a digital print, a premium cast gloss over-laminate film is recommended. Lamination should occur only after the printed graphics are completely dry. It is best to allow the graphics to dry overnight. Use only cold lamination methods. Ensure lamination is wrinkle free and that the over-laminate film enters the nip without any wrinkles. If wrinkles occur, the nip pressure setting may be too high. Avoid high tensions on either the printed reflective film or the over-laminate film. After lamination, the material should lay flat without any curling. If curling is present, the tensions or nip pressures may be too high.

Application to the final surface should occur using a squeeze roll applicator or by hand using a firm rubber roller or plastic squeegee. Apply firm pressure during application to bond the adhesive to the substrate. Use a dry application method. Do not use detergent, water, or any commercial application liquids to position the reflective sheeting. A heat gun may assist conformability of the film around irregular surfaces. Slight tenting may occur around rivets, sharp ridges, or some complex curves. Some automotive paints may continue to out gas for some time which could disrupt application of the sheeting. Be sure painted surfaces are fully cured prior to application of the product.

JX 310 Reflective Vinyl Commercial Grade can be computer sign cut using a variety of different industry plotters.

Roll Sizes

JX310 Reflective Vinyl Commercial Grade is available in 45.7 meter (50 yard) rolls in different widths up to 1240mm (48 inches).


Store in a cool, dry area. Use within 1-year of receipt of the product. Store rolls in original shipping carton or suspend horizontally from a rod through the core.

Details about JX 310 digital printing commercial grade

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