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Our prismatic sign materials have been used in highway, urban and suburban roads in all around the world!

Standards: ASTM D4956 | AS/NZS 1906.1:2017 | EN12899-1 | GB/T 18833,GOST 32945 | JIS Z 9117

Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of reflective sheeting for your road signs projects?

With over 2 decades of experience in R&D and manufacturing, our unmatched in-house capacity ensures your reflective sheeting are shipped on-time, and meet your local regulations with very competitive pricing. Our reflective sheeting meet the standards like Standards: ASTM D4956, AS/NZS 1906.1:2017, EN12899-1, GOST 32945, JIS Z 9117 etc, and we could offer third party test reports in all products.


Our technology incorporates both glass bead and micro-prismatic optical capabilities. Underlying our prismatic products are our micro-replication and proprietary optical tooling technologies, which enables us to form over 53,000 micro-psrisms per square inch of film.

Our research and development team has extensive experience with adhesives, polymers, and optics to design high-performing products. We invest heavily in research to develop new intellectual property with the goal of bringing new and innovative products to market each year.

Materials we use in Reflective sheeting


Standards of Reflective sheeting

Packing Details

  • Customizable carton packing to increase your branding
  • Strong and reliable packing which will not crack or twisted while sea shipped.
  •  30-35 KGS/carton according to different grades of prismatic sheeting.
  • 24-30 rolls/pallet up to customer’s request.
  • Do not double stack when storaging reflective sheeting’s pallets.
  • Roll Size: 1,230 mm X 45.7 m, 48.4 in X 50 yds
  • Typical quantity in 1 X 20 GP: 40 rolls/pallets, 8 pallets, 320 rolls in total
  • Printing methods: Silk screen printing, UV printing, eco-solvent printing, HP latex printing.
  • Store in a cool, dry area. Use within 1-year of receipt of the product. 

Typical Usage Ranges among Various Grades of Sheeting

Typical Uses

Type I(ASTM)




Vehicle graphics

Advertising signs

Conspicuity markings

post-mounted signs

Barricades and other rigid temporary traffic control devices

Overhead signs

Internally-illuminated signs

Signs with fluorescent backgrounds

Visible Distance

200 ft

500 ft

1000 ft

1500 ft

Service Lifetime

1-3 years

3-5 years(glass beaded)

5-7 years(prismatic)

10 years

10-12 years

Digital Printing

Now digital printing becomes a trend in sign making. Because it saves much labor and could supply the signs to the customer is a very fast way with low quantity requirement.

Moreover, it is environmentally friendly compared to silk screen printing, because you don’t need to wash and clean the molding frequently and no more wasted ink.

SH Optical Tech’s products are all digitally printable, both beaded and prismatic products. Which is a plus compared to products of other brands.

Printers include HP printers( 360, 365, 370, 375 series), Avery UV printers, 3M EFI printer, Orafol printer, etcs.


Company Introduction

Why us?

About us

Shenghui Optical Tech had invested and pour huge funding of R&D into the retro-reflective industry since 1988, and get good fame from domestic and overseas partnters. Now Indian market becomes our new growing point, and we keep learning from our partner’s market insights.

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With optimized formula and face film, our tape eliminate the possibility of cracking when embossed.


We are not just selling tapes, we also promote equipments for manufacturing car license plates.

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We also have local partnters in your area, and we are now seeking more partners so we could expand our service coverage.

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